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How and when can I best contact you?
How and when can I best contact you?
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To make it easier for our passengers to contact the crew, we've installed a plugin that can be used to contact us directly. Just click on the speech bubble at the bottom right of the screen on, and type your message.

Our support crew is available from Monday to Friday, 11am - 6pm (CET). We generally answer messages on the same day. Messages sent on the weekend are answered on Monday, while messages sent on German holidays or in the evenings are answered on the next working day.

If you haven't received an answer from us within 2-3 working days, it's possible that we did not receive your message. In this unlikely event, please just contact us again.

You can also reach us using our contact form or per email.

As a small team with a variety of tasks, we can't always be next to the phone. We therefore recommend that you always submit your inquiries via the chat box (bottom right), email or contact form.

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