With Disc on Demand, CDs of your digital releases will be burned and shipped as soon as there is an order for this CD. This way the CDs won’t have to be pressed in advance. This service is offered in collaboration with Amazon.com (USA only), and can be picked like a regular store in Step 1 of the release process on recordJet. Your CD will be available on Amazon.com (USA only) and can be ordered there just like any other product. There will be a notification regarding the production method next to the product.

On AmazonCD the maximum album length of 79 minutes must not be exceeded. Longer albums cannot be sold at AmazonCD. We recommend selling only Albums on AmazonCD because the retail price for singles is usually very high. This service is most suitable for albums that you will not press CDs of, or in cases when the pressing would not be profitable (catalogue releases).

Please mind that even after a takedown a certain amount of already produced CDs might remain available on Amazon until completely sold out.


Comparing CD on Demand with physical distribution

CD on Demand is NOT the same as physical distribution

There are a few crucial differences between both: With Amazon CD on Demand, Amazon will burn your release on a CD, print out the cover image and ship the product after it has been ordered by a customer on demand. This service can be booked as the „Amazon CD“ store package package.
Physical Distribution means that CDs which have been professionally pressed beforehand (including a booklet) will be distributed in stores like Media Markt and Saturn, but also Amazon in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Benelux. The pressing of the CDs has to be organized by you (for example by booking the pressing service our partner NewDEF is offering). A physical distributor can take care of the actual distribution. Physical distribution is an additional service which can be booked for an additional service fee.

Important: Please make sure you never pick Amazon CD if you also plan on distributing your release physically. It is very confusing for buyers if there are two versions of your release available on Amazon, one pressed version through physical distribution and one burnt version through AmazonCD.

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