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Label and label code
Label and label code
What do I enter into the "label" field, and what is a label code?
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If you name a label in the basic information (P- or C-line) of the publication process, this will be transferred to all stores and shown as such. In case you don’t specify, recordJet will automatically be displayed as your label. 

Label Code

The label code, also abbreviated LC, is a five-digit code (e.g. LC24625). It provides information about the label behind a release.

For digital distribution, it is not mandatory to specify a label code - you usually only need a label code if you are aiming for radio promotion and want to collect revenue per play, as radio stations and television continue to settle with the GVL on the basis of both LC and ISRCs.

We offer to use our label code, all info about this service can be found here. Alternatively you can apply for your own label code at the GVL, but for this you have to become a member of the GVL.

Attention: the label code does not matter internationally, it is only relevant for Germany.

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