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Store package / Store share
Store package / Store share
What is a store package, and what does the store share entail?
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A store package refers to a bundle of stores that can be reached with a single delivery from us. The iTunes store package for instance holds over 100 stores, the 24-7 Entertainment store package includes for instance Media Markt, Saturn, Weltbild, and many more.  

Within each release you can pick as many store packages as you like without additional cost. You can select which stores and countries should be supplied under "Stores & Countries" in the release process. 

Store share: Each store retains a portion of the gross revenue generated by the sale of music, used to cover the costs incurred in order to pay for instance royalties to collectors, pay employees, etc. recordJet pays the net receipts resulting from this deduction to passengers, ranging from 100% (Business Class Premium) to 90% (Business Class Basic).

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