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Facebook / Instagram forbidden content
Facebook / Instagram forbidden content
What content must not be delivered to the Facebook / Instagram store package?
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If you upload content to Facebook and/or Instagram, you need exclusive rights to do so. References must sufficiently distinct from other references. References unlikely to be sufficiently distinct include, but are not limited to:

• production loops

• soundbeds

• sound effects

• sound-alikes

• karaoke recordings

• classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain

• meditation, yoga, or sleep music

• DJ sets, continuous mixes, or other similar compilations

References must be music content. References unlikely to be music content include, but are not limited to:

• spoken word recordings

• comedy recordings

• film recordings (that are not the musical score to a film)

• speeches

• prayer recordings

• audiobooks

• podcasts

• nature or wildlife recordings

• ambient sound recordings

Uploading material of this nature to the store package Facebook / Instagram will result in account termination.

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