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How can I move my releases from another distributor to you?
How can I move my releases from another distributor to you?
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Your release has already been distributed by another company but you would like to transfer it to recordJet? That’s actually pretty easy! Your clicks/plays, followers and artist pages will remain unaffected by a transfer as long as you respect the following rules:

1. Please verify the takedown or cancellation notices with your current distributor, and get a hold of the label copy of your release(s), so you have the correct titles as well as all the necessary codes (GTIN/UPC, ISRCs, etc).

IMPORTANT: All metadata and codes need to be entered in exactly the same way as before in case of a change of distributors - otherwise you might not be able to keep your plays and followers. Please enter your Apple Music and Spotify artist IDs when creating your release in order to route it to the correct artist pages.

2. Create your release on recordJet. You can use the iTunes import function in order to automatically transfer most of the data and manually complete the rest. You can enter the original release date under basic information.

3. In order to guarantee a seamless transfer, the release can only be in the stores simultaneously for a short amount of time. Make sure you complete the release on recordJet and also make sure that your old distributor will delete the release no more than one week after you have uploaded it on recordJet, so that the overlap is as short as possible.

IMPORTANT: After a transfer it may take up to one week until the plays will be displayed correctly in the stores.
YouTube Music plays will not be transferred.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a discount if you want to transfer your release from a different distributor. We’re happy to help!

If you transfer your releases from Spinnup to us, take a look here: Transfer from Spinnup to recordJet

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