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How do I upload "Mastered for iTunes" audio files?

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Using the “Apple Digital” tools (formerly "Mastered for iTunes"), producers can present their songs with barely any loss. With recordJet you can upload music that has been mastered in high resolution specifically for Apple Digital, and visibly mark it as such.

recordJet takes care of registration, processing and delivery of your “Apple Digital” tracks with no additional fees.

How does it work:

  1. Create your release by clicking on "create release".

  2. Enter the email address of the mastering engineer into the corresponding field in "Basic information" > "Additional information". Note: The engineer must be officially certified by Apple.

  3. Upload your "Apple Digital" audiofiles additionally to your regular soundfiles in your "Tracklist" by clicking on "Apple 24 Bit Digital Master".

The mastered files must apply to the following standards:



44.1kHz - 96kHz

(Please find more information in this PDF from Apple.)

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