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How does the upload of a digital booklet for Apple Music work?
How does the upload of a digital booklet for Apple Music work?
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recordJet gives you the option to upload a digital booklet for iTunes. You can add your booklet when creating your release under Basic Information > Additional Information. The digital booklet will be downloaded automatically to the user's hard drive everytime someone downloads your album.

NOTE: Once shipped to the stores, a booklet can no longer be deleted. Subsequently adding a booklet to a release that has already been delivered is not possible.

The following are Apple's requirements for digital booklets, which have to be followed strictly:

  • A PDF file format with the .pdf extension (select View >Fit Visible before saving)

  • 72 dpi minimum (or 150 dpi if using image files)

  • exact dimensions: 28 x 21 cm

  • At least four pages

  • RGB color formatted

  • no margins

  • One-sided (1-up) page layout (recommended)

  • PDF version not pertinent to Read Only

  • All text and images to be in landscape format

  • All fonts and images to be embedded in the file

  • When saving as a PDF file, make sure the document opens full screen with no negative space surrounding the document. The PDF files are meant to be viewed on screen, not printed out. When a user first opens the document, they should not have to zoom in to read it.

  • Text should read left to right, top to bottom. Do not display rotated text.

  • The file size should be reasonable (8 - 10 MB max). If the digital booklet is several pages, consider using fewer images or optimizing images to achieve lower overall file size.

  • Bar codes, crops, and printers marks are not allowed. Number all pages.

  • You cannot sell or advertise other products or services. No other promotional sites are allowed.

  • Documents can mention "iTunes" if they link or refer to iTunes for purchase.

  • External links are permitted only for the artist or label website

  • No time-sensitive information (for example, a promotion or dates for an upcoming tour or concert) is allowed.

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