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Credit Notes TikTok and Facebook / Instagram
Credit Notes TikTok and Facebook / Instagram
How do TikTok and Facebook/ Instagram pay me?
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If you select TikTok or Facebook/Instagram as a store in one of your releases, users can use the tracks on it in their videos, stories, reels, etc. This not only increases your reach, but you also get paid for it. But how exactly does the billing via these stores actually work?

Both Facebook / Instagram and TikTok don't pay for the number of views, as other stores do, but for the number of pieces of content created with your music. So it's not the number of views that counts, but how many videos, stories, reels, etc. your song was used in. For example, if your song was used in 5 videos (or stories, reels) and these videos together have a total of 1,000 views, only these 5 videos created are relevant for your credits and not the 1,000 views.

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