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How can I verify my artist page on Tidal?
How can I verify my artist page on Tidal?
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As soon as your first release is out, you can verify your artist profile on Tidal with just a few clicks and get instant access so you can edit your images or biography texts independently, for example. More information about Tidal Artists Home can be found here.

Verifying your Artist Page is very simple:

1) Log in to Tidal with your email address - if you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free within 1 minute.

2) Claim your artist profile: search for and select your artist in the given field.

3) Then you have to prove that you are the real artist. Tidal provides you with three different ways to do this, a) via your distribution company (fastest), b) via social media or c) manually.

Unfortunately, verification via recordJet is not yet possible, but we are working on it. Alternatively, you can verify yourself via your social media links (Instagram, Facebook).

4) After that you have to enter your data (name, first name, distribution service).

5) And that's it! you can now submit your verification request and Tidal will check it.

If you have any difficulties with the verification process or if you have any questions, please contact Tidal Artist Support.

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