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What do I need to be aware of regarding the spelling my song titles?
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Please make sure you use the correct spelling of all titles, otherwise releases might be blocked in the stores, autocorrected or might not searchable in the digital stores.

The music stores impose the following rules:

> ALL CAPS, continuous lowercase as well as rANdoM CaPITaliZatIoN are not allowed.

> The first word of a title always has to be capitalized.

> All titles need to comply with the spelling rules of the title language. For English titles, all first letters need to be capitalized.

> Special characters should be avoided because the search functions of many stores cannot process them. If you use a special character or a number, the following letter needs to be capitalized.

> Artificial censoring (e.g. „f*ck“) cannot be used.

> Transcriptions or directs translations of the track title cannot appear in the track title.

Attention: Our system automatically blocks some words like "mix" or "and/&", please contact support via [email protected] if you want to use one of these words.

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