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How do I create a waterfall release?
Why is my release listed under Various Artists?
Where can I bundle my social media links?
How long does it take until my release is available in the stores?
What do I have to consider regarding the streaming date?
What do I have to consider when pre-selling/pre-ordering?
In which format must the audio files be uploaded?
What are the guidelines for uploading my cover artwork?
What do I have to bear in mind when spelling my tracks?
What are the guidelines for the price of my release?
Is my release a single, EP or album?
Persons involved
What are ISRC, GTIN, EAN and UPC?
What belongs in the "Title version" field?
What special guidelines apply to classical music?
Where can I find the GTIN of my release?
How can I make subsequent changes to the release?
How can I change my artist name?
What is a Data Release and how can I convert it?
How can I delete my release?
Which music genres can I publish via recordJet?
Has my release already been delivered to the stores?
What should I bear in mind with a cover version/editing or a remix?
Can I change my release date again?
How are features and other contributors displayed on Spotify?
Changing the release date
Double artist information
What do I have to consider at the beginning/end of a track?
When is a track considered "explicit" and what are the consequences?
What do I have to consider if I want to upload soundtracks?
What is the quality check process and how is it performed?
What is metadata and what do I need to consider?
What do you need to consider regarding the length of your tracks?
How do my lyrics/song texts get into the digital stores?
Can I publish audio books / radio plays via recordJet?
How loud should my release be? What are the store requirements?
Can I publish a track from my upcoming release in advance?
Is it possible to deliver Spatial Audio / Dolby Atmos files?