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Can I publish a track from my upcoming release in advance?
Can I publish a track from my upcoming release in advance?
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If you want to release one or more singles in advance there are two possibilities:

1) If you want your singles to appear in all stores in advance, you would have to create single releases and transfer the respective ISRC of the track from the old album to the new album, so that the plays are then counted together. Theoretically you can delete the singles after the release of the album if necessary. Make sure that the track's metadata in the Single Release and Album Release are the same, otherwise the ISRC cannot be transferred when uploading the track again. If you have problems with this, please contact us and don't complete the release for now.

2) For Apple Music/iTunes, there is a special option called Instant Gratification. With Instant Gratification you can make one or more songs of your album available on iTunes and Apple Music already in the pre-order phase - while the rest of the album will only be available on the official release date. Instant Gratification can be a special incentive for your fans to pre-order your album, as they receive a "reward" in advance in the form of one or more tracks. This can be done quickly and you don't have to create a separate release for this.

At recordJet this is possible free of charge:

Create your release via "Create Release" and enter the desired date in the corresponding field under "Tracklist" for the relevant tracks.


1) Please note that the Instant Gratification feature is not available in other stores (i.e. non Apple Music/ iTunes stores). Furthermore, it can only be used for less then 50% of the tracks of a release.

2) The chosen dates must be between your entered pre order and release date.

3) Instant Gratification only applies to tracks shorter than 10 minutes.

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