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Why am I not receiving the full sales price of my release?
Why am I not receiving the full sales price of my release?
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Retail price vs. income

The selling price of a release varies from the income you receive per sale. This is because each store retains a portion of the share of the selling price to cover their own costs - for example, for collecting societies, for taxes, and for personnel costs. This is called the store share.

The selling price minus the store share determines the revenue. This amount is then paid by the stores to recordJet and you can check the exact amount under "Reports".

This might for instance appear as such (example calculation):

0.99€ selling price for track on iTunes


0.28 € iTunes share (GEMA, taxes,etc.)


0.71€ income deposited to recordJet account

Depending on the deal you chose, you get 90% (Business Class Basic) or 100% (Business Class Premium) of these net earnings.

Selling price vs. store price

During the basic information step in the release process, you can choose the price of the entire release (for example, for the entire album = target price) as well as the individual track price. We then pass this on to the stores. Ultimately however, stores always have sovereignty concerning their own offer and can determine the final selling price.

In any case, you will always be paid on the basis of your defined target price.

For example, if you deliver an album to iTunes with the target price of 9.99 €, your income per sale of this album will always be calculated based on this price.

That income for you might be calculated by iTunes as 6,-€ for example.

Either iTunes sells your album for your selected price of 9.99€, and pays you accordingly 6,- or iTunes adjusts the price of your album to say, 7.99€, but is still required to reimburse you 6,- €.

It is possible that iTunes increases the price of your album to say 10.99€, - however in this case they’re likewise required to reimburse you the 6,- €. Most stores however typically adhere to (or close to) the suggested price.

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