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Why do I have to enter all contributors (e.g. composer, lyricist) in my release?

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This information is required for collecting societies such as GEMA, among others. You can enter them during the release creation by clicking on the "Edit" button next to the respective song in the "Tracklist" area and adding the missing information.

Please make sure that you use only one name per field for the involved persons. To add another involved person, simply click on the + symbol to the right of the respective field. Please always always pay attention to the correct spelling.

Lyricist: The author of the original text of a work.

Composer: The author of the music of a work.

The first and last names of the authors must be stated here. This is a requirement of the stores, to which we must adhere.

Only if an artist name is already registered with GEMA, it can be entered here. In this case, please contact us beforehand at [email protected] so that we can note this accordingly.


  • If you do not know the full name of the composer/producer, for example, you can also enter yourself in exceptional cases. If you enter yourself as both composer and lyricist, Spotify will only show "Written by: (your name)" in the song infos.

  • If it's instrumental music, you can simply select "Instrumental" under "Tracklist" > "Edit" > "Advanced Information" > "Recording Type" > "Instrumental" for the tracks concerned. Then you can leave the "Lyricist" field empty.

  • If the music is traditional and the author is not known, "Traditional" must be entered.

    If it's traditional music from the genre "Classical", "Anonymous" can be entered instead in such cases.

  • If cover versions/arrangements are involved, the authors of the original songs must be indicated. The easiest way to find them is with the GEMA repertoire search:

    In this case, please also be sure to read the corresponding article.

Further collaborators:

Under " Additional Information > Further collaborators" all other people involved in a song can be entered, such as instrumentalists, arrangers, conductors, soloists, mix/master engineers, or even:

  • Producer: The artist name of the producer can be entered here. The producer is displayed on Spotify as "Produced by: (artist name)" in the song infos.

  • Remixer: If the song is a remix, the remixer can be entered here. An artist name can also be entered here.

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