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How do my lyrics/song texts get into the digital stores?
How do my lyrics/song texts get into the digital stores?
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Musixmatch ( sends your lyrics to most digital stores: Facebook and Instagram (music sticker), Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Shazam, Jio Saavn as well as Google search results and Bing search results. The service is free of charge!

Here's how it works:

1. Register and get verified on Musixmatch.

If you want to add your lyrics to Instagram Stories/the sticker function, first register at and verify your account.
Important: Lyrics can only be sent from a verified account. Generally, verification requires no more than 48 hours.

In case your verification doesn't work, please check here for possible reasons and how to solve the problems.

After lyrics have been uploaded, MusixMatch will send them to the stores.

2. Upload your lyrics.

After your release has been published, you can enter your lyrics on your verified MusixMatch account and synchronise them.
First look through the MusixMatch catalogue to see if the track is available. Then click on “Add Lyrics” and then on “Edit” to add the lyrics. For an Instagram music sticker, you can set the timing of the lyrics using the “Sync” function.

Has something gone wrong?

If your track is not in the catalogue by the Saturday after publication (23:59), you can contact MusixMatch, as a verified artist, via [email protected] with the Spotify or Apple Music link so that it can be added.

If your lyrics are on MusixMatch, but do not appear on the Stores, please contact the Store directly. They can either resolve the issue themselves, or get in touch with MusixMatch to prioritise your lyrics.

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