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How can I delete my release?
How can I delete my release?
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For how long your music is available in the stores is completely up to you - it’s possible to remove your release from stores at any time - for free of course.

To delete a release, simply go to "My music", move the mouse over the release and click on "delete". The release will then be deleted within 2-3 business days. The stores then need up to 14 days to remove it. In some cases, however, this may take longer.

If the release has not yet been delivered to the stores, it will be automatically refunded to you as soon as it has been deleted.

If you have deleted a release by mistake, please contact [email protected].

Please note: We can delete entire releases from stores, but not individual songs from albums. If you want only selected tracks to be available in certain stores, you need to split them into separate releases and re-upload. Please keep in mind that normal prices will apply again for these releases.

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