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What do I have to consider when pre-selling/pre-ordering?
What do I have to consider when pre-selling/pre-ordering?
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If you upload your release before the indicated release date it will be available as pre-order in the Download-Stores, such as Amazon, iTunes and Juno.

This means: Your release can be pre-ordered, but will not be available until the release date you indicated during the upload.

During the pre-order period, the album can only be pre-ordered completely. Individual tracks can be acquired after the official release. Audio snippets are not available during the pre-order period.

As of right now, the pre-order period cannot be documented in the trends due to technical circumstances. The sales which occured in the pre-order period will be listed after the official release.

Important: Unfortunately Amazon does not always take your pre-order date into consideration. Ergo, in some cases your release will be available on Amazon for pre-order right after delivery.

Important: As mentioned above, the preorder is only available for Download-Stores and not for Streaming-Store such as Spotify.

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