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Why is my release listed under Various Artists?
Why is my release listed under Various Artists?
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For releases with only one track, "Various Artists" must generally not be used, since the information on album and track level must be identical. Please note that the release will still be listed under "Various Artists" on Spotify if there are more than 3 different main artists.

For releases with multiple tracks, "Various Artists" may only be entered in the basic information of your release if more than 3 different main artists are represented on track level. It is important that the artists are either present on all tracks or on a part of the tracks, so that none of these artists is present on every track. "Various Artists" may not be entered on track level. Here all artists must be entered individually or the name of the band.

The release then counts as a "compilation" and is not listed on the individual artist pages under new releases, but under "included in". Unfortunately, this means that the release cannot be pitched by the individual artists (it does not appear under "Upcoming"). In order to avoid this, the only option is to reduce the number of artists / remixers to 3 (possibly one artist as a feature or similar).

You can also check the specifications of stores such as Apple and Spotify.

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