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How are features and other contributors displayed on Spotify?
How are features and other contributors displayed on Spotify?
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Featured artists

How to enter featured artists into your release’s track list:

On Spotify, the featured artists (just like the main artists) are linked in grey behind the title. The release will be listed on the featured artist’s page under "included in". The release is not displayed in Spotify for Artists of the feature and is therefore unfortunately not pitchable by the feature.

Other contributors

Composer and lyricist are displayed under "Written by" on Spotify and will appear when you click on “Show Contributors” for the appropriate track. The producer entered by you is listed under "Produced by". You can enter this under "Track List" > "Edit" > “Additional Information” > “Further Collaborators".

Please mind: On one-track releases a remixer is displayed like a main artist. On releases with multiple tracks, they are displayed like features.

Classical Music

In the classical genre, composers are automatically linked to Spotify. However, this does not mean that the release will also be listed on the composer's artist page. That decision is up to Spotify's curation team.

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