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Where can I bundle my social media links?
Where can I bundle my social media links?
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If you're looking for a way to bundle all your social media and music links into one page, here are a few free tools:

These so-called smartlinks are a great way to give your fans access to all your Pages, music stores and social media channels in just one click.

Note: if you have access to your Apple Music for Artists, you can also create a smartlink there, which will give you access to your release on all popular stores within a short time:

Instructions for Smartlink creation via Apple Music for Artists

1) Log in to your Apple Music for Artists account.

2) Click on "Promote" in the header at the top.

3) Select the release for which you want to create a Smartlink.

4) You will be guided through the page and can choose graphically how the Smartlink should look like.

5) You will receive a Smartlink that you can share everywhere - Attention: it can take a few hours until "other services" appear in the Smartlink than just the link to Apple Music. Just be patient, it takes time for everything to synchronise.

Apple Music also offers the option of building links manually:

Mehr Informationen zu Apple Music for Artists findest du hier

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