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My artist profile has incorrect content
My artist profile has incorrect content

How can I remove incorrect releases from my Artist Page?

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If there are releases on your artist page that are not yours, you can remove them yourself in some stores. The only requirement for this is that you have already verified the artist page in this store. Here you can find the procedure for all stores where this is currently possible:


  1. Enter your Spotify for Artists credentials.

  2. Select your artist.

  3. Click on "Another artist's music is on my profile."

  4. Enter the links to the other artist's releases in the appropriate field.

(Click here for instructions on how to get Spotify release links).

Apple Music

  1. Enter your contact information.

  2. Enter your artist information.

  3. Select "Artist catalog issues" as topic.

  4. Describe the problem briefly under "Message".

  5. Enter the links to the external releases at "Links for content that do not belong on this artist page".

  6. The other fields can be ignored.

(To get links to artist pages or albums on Apple Music, click on the three dots, then "Share album" or "Share artist" and then "Copy link.")

Amazon Music

  1. Sign in with your Amazon Music for Artists credentials.

  2. Select "My artist profile has incorrect content"

  3. Fill out the form and paste the links to the foreign releases or search for the titles of the foreign releases.

  4. When the form is completed, click "Submit."

(To get the Amazon Music Artist Page links, go to the Artist Page, click on the three dots and click on "Share this artist". Release Links can also be found in the Release by going to the three dots and then clicking on "Share this album").


  1. Fill out the form.

  2. At "Issue Type" select "Someone else's content is on my artist page".

  3. At "Issue description" you summarize the problem. Insert the links to the other releases here.

  4. At "Artist ID" you enter your artist ID.

  5. Submit the form via "Submit".

(The Deezer Artist ID is the number that appears at the end of the URL of your Artist Page:

For all other stores please contact [email protected] directly and send us the links, we will take care of a correction.

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