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TikTok Artist Account

How can I apply for an artist account on TikTok?

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TikTok offers you the possibility to change your normal account into an artist account, which has several advantages:

  • You can activate your MusicTab - this used to be displayed as a note symbol on the profiles, now it says "Music" as a heading above it.

  • You can pin new songs at the top of the list - this has the advantage that users quickly become aware of your new songs.

  • If you deliver a new track via your digital distributor, TikTok will mark it as "New".

You can read about how to apply for this Artist Certification here or simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open your TikTok app and go to Creator Tools. Here you will find the menu item "Artist Hub". As soon as you open the item, you can click on the button "apply".

  2. Now you can search for your artist name and songs in the TikTok music library. When you have found your profile, click on "Claim".

  3. Now you have to prove that you are the artist you want to claim. TikTok offers different ways to prove this, e.g. screenshots of your account of your music distributor, or screenshots from your Spotify for Artists or Apple Music for Artists account. It is important that the screenshots show that you are the artist.

  4. TikTok will now check your application - if everything is correct, you will receive an artist account. Now you will see "Artist" under your name in your profile and you will have access to your MusicTab.

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