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What does a music distributor do?
What does a music distributor do?
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In a nutshell:

Up to 100,000 songs are now uploaded to the digital stores every day. How is this possible? Via digital music distributors, i.e. companies that deliver the music of artists, both established and amateur, to download stores and streaming services such as Spotify, Beatport or Deezer. In the vast majority of stores, it is not possible to upload your music yourself, but you have to have the stores delivered by labels/distributors. These music distributors, also known as distributors, pay you your revenue for downloads or streams that you have generated in the stores.

Can it be more precise?

As an artist, digital music distribution has become essential to reach all your potential fans. Distribution gets your music into as many stores and to as many people as possible. Distribution also ensures that your music is monetized correctly. Once you have your music online, people can stream, download and buy your music. In return, you receive royalties (your income) depending on how and where your music is heard. Music distributors have different deals - with some you pay an annual fee, with others there are flat-rate models, while others take a percentage of your revenue. It's worth looking carefully and comparing so that you can find the best distributor for you. You can read about the advantages of recordJet here.

What is the difference between a music distributor and a label?

A label and a music distributor are completely different companies with different tasks and goals. The aim of a label is to promote the music of artists and make it better known via networks. The tasks of a label are much broader and more specific than those of a music distributor, which is why they are not easily accessible to all artists. While a music distributor is usually open to everyone, regardless of the genre of your music or your level of recognition, labels only work with selected artists. You can be signed to a label and have your music distributed by a music distributor at the same time. They can, but do not have to, work together. The aim of a music distributor is not promotion, but primarily the distribution of your release in the stores and the management of your income.

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