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How can I deliver my releases to the YouTube Content ID?
How can I deliver my releases to the YouTube Content ID?
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Due to the frequent disregard of the guidelines for forbidden content and in order to prevent fraud attempts in the YouTube Content ID, you now have to apply for the activation of the Content ID in your account. Of course, the service remains free of charge if the application is successful.

Please complete your releases without YouTube Content ID for the time being and send us the following information about your artist via the messenger (bottom right) or to [email protected]:

  • GTIN of your releases (You can find your GTIN when you click on "My music" > Release > the number next to "GTIN". )

  • Spotify Artist Page

  • Apple Music Artist Page

  • Social Media Channels - e.g. link to Facebook/Instagram/TikTok profile and/or your own YouTube channel

If your application is successful, we can deliver your releases to the YouTube Content ID afterwards.

Don’t worry: This will not affect releases that have already been delivered to the Content ID.

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