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What is a Youtube Official Artist Channel and how do I get one?
What is a Youtube Official Artist Channel and how do I get one?
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If you are an artist on YouTube, all your subscribers and content from different YouTube channels (e.g. your Topic Channel and your Private Channel) will be aggregated on your official artist channel (OAC). You also have access to various tools for artists, such as Analytics for Artists.

We can apply for an Official Artist Channel (OAC) on YouTube.

Prerequisite for this is that you have published at least 3 official releases on YouTube Music through us and that you have already published music-related content (e.g. music videos, "behind the scenes" video, etc.) on your private YouTube channel.

For the application we need the following information:

> Name of the artist

> Link to the artist's thematic channel

> Link & Channel ID of the artist's own private channel. (How to find the channel ID you can read here:

Please send us this information to [email protected]

Creating the OAC can take up to 3 months. Please be patient.

Attention: your private channel must not be empty and the focus of the content must be music, otherwise Youtube will refuse to create an OAC.

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