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What are YouTube's guidelines regarding pornographic content?
What are YouTube's guidelines regarding pornographic content?
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If your release contains prohibited/pornographic content, it must not be delivered to Youtube Music and Youtube Content ID. This applies to both your music and audio books/spoken word. Youtube got stricter with its guidelines regarding pornographic content in 2022:

What does that mean "pornographic content"?

  • Depiction of clothed or unclothed genitalia, breasts or buttocks for sexual gratification.

  • Pornography, the depiction of sexual acts or fetishes intended for sexual gratification.

  • Implied content is also prohibited if it paraphrases the acts in context and trivializes or omits the explicit words

Here are some examples of content that is not allowed on YouTube:

  • Clips extracted from non-pornographic movies, shows, or other content to isolate sexual content (real or artistic)

  • Groping, "pantsing," kissing, public masturbation, "upskirting," voyeurism, predatory exhibitionism, or other content that depicts a person in a sexualized manner without their consent

  • Content that depicts sexual acts, behaviors, or sex toys that are intended to provide sexual gratification

Note: These are just a few examples. If you feel that any content may violate this policy, do not post it.

What happens if your content violates this policy?

The releases will be deactivated and according to the amount of work, a compensation of 50€ will be charged.

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