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Changing the release date
Changing the release date

Can I change my release date again?

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You can change the release date of your release to a date of your choice at any time. To do so, please click on the desired release under "My music", then click on the three dots next to the cover artwork and then on "Edit".

Then enter the new release date of your choice in the "Basic information" section. Make sure that you also directly adjust the streaming start date under "Extended information" so that the change is also accepted by the streaming stores.

Please close the release again so that the change can be sent to the stores as quickly as possible.

Please note: Every time a change is made to a release, it is sent back to the quality check, which usually takes 48 hours on weekdays. As soon as the release has been delivered after the check, the stores need a few days to

a few days to apply the changes. In the big stores, this usually happens within 1-2 days.

So if you want the change to be applied by the stores before a certain date, please plan for the appropriate lead time.

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