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Can I change my release date again?
Can I change my release date again?
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In general it’s entirely up to you which release date you choose. However, we strongly recommend picking a Friday for the release of your new music, for a very specific reason: The charts week is always counted from Friday through Thursday. This means: Each Friday all sales are counted that have happened throughout the week from the previous Friday until Thursday. In case your sales come close to charts-relevant figures, you would waste sales by not putting your release date on a Friday. For example: If your release date is on a Wednesday, on the following Friday only the sales from Wednesday and Thursday will be counted for the charts. If you had set your release date on the previous Friday, all sales from Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday would accumulate and be counted for the charts. More sales will always positively influence your ranking.

Please make sure to schedule enough processing time before your release date when creating your release. For more information about the duration from upload till sale, please click here.

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