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How do I register my release for the charts?
How do I register my release for the charts?
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For the German, Austrian and Swiss charts: When your release has been checked and confirmed, the relevant data is transferred to PHONONET and Media Control® GfK. All digital release data (even if there is no physical counterpart) is automatically taken into account in the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. You don't need to do anything else.

Please note: If you are distributing both physically and digitally, Media Control® GfK will not automatically recognize the two versions of your release as being related, since digital and physical releases are distributed through different channels (e.g. recordJet and Edel).

To inform Media Control® GfK that the digital and physical versions of your release belong together and should be counted together for the charts, please do the following:

Before release, send an email to [email protected] title, artist, GTIN of the album and the tracklist including ISRCs. Specify in the email that the GTIN's digital and physical releases belong together. That's it!

For charts registration in Canada, Ireland, UK and USA, please click here: Charts Registration

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