Of course you can also distribute audiobooks and dramas via recordJet. 

Please note that there is a special rule regarding the store AmazonCD (not AmazonMP3): The maximum length must not exceed 79 minutes; otherwise the release will be split into two CDs.

For audiobooks to be sold on all stores (except Audible and iTunes):
» Supplying audiobooks (main genre: audiobook) to all stores except iTunes works as usual by booking the relevant store packages.
» The following stores do not accept audiobooks: Shazam and Juno.

For audiobooks to be sold on Audible and iTunes:
Audible is the exclusive partner to iTunes in the audiobook sector. All audiobooks sold on iTunes must be supplied via Audible. It is not possible to bypass this step. For this you have to make a direct contract with Audible first. Contact our support crew for more information.

»  For audiobooks some additional information is required:

  • Original book copyright (please enter in step 1 in the respective field)
  • Audio book description (max. 2000 characters)
  • Author (please enter as lyricist after uploading the audio file and clicking “edit” in the “tracklist” area)
  • Vocals („tracklist“ > “edit” > “additional information” > “Further collaborators”)
  • Audiobook publisher (please enter as label)
  • RRP/target price (please enter as price in step 1)
  • Original book publisher (please mail to our support team).

» Audio dramas can still be delivered directly to the iTunes store with the “iTunes” store package (Genre: Spoken Word). If you’d like those to be delivered to Audible as well, please get in touch with our team.

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