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Can I publish audio books / radio plays via recordJet?
Can I publish audio books / radio plays via recordJet?
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Of course you can also distribute audiobooks and dramas via recordJet. 

For audiobooks to be sold on all stores (except Audible and Apple Music/ iTunes):
» Supplying audiobooks (main genre: audiobook) to all stores except Apple Music/ iTunes works as usual by booking the relevant store packages.
» The following stores do not accept audiobooks: Shazam and Juno.

For audiobooks to be sold on Audible and Apple Music/ iTunes:
Audible is the exclusive partner to Apple Music/ iTunes in the audiobook sector. All audiobooks must be supplied via Audible. It is not possible to bypass this step. For this you have to make a direct contract with Audible first.

»  For audiobooks some additional information is required:

  • Original book copyright (please enter in step 1 in the respective field)

  • Author (please enter as lyricist after uploading the audio file and clicking “edit” in the “tracklist” area)

  • Vocals („tracklist“ > “edit” > “additional information” > “Further collaborators”)

  • Audiobook publisher (please enter as label)

  • RRP/target price (please enter as price in step 1)

» Audio dramas can still be delivered directly to the Apple Music/ iTunes store with the “Apple Music/ iTunes” store package (Genre: Spoken Word). If you’d like those to be delivered to Audible as well, please get in touch with our team.

» Important: Spoken word content must have a minimum track length of 3 minutes.

» Important: if your release consists of spoken language, please make sure that your tracks start and end at sensible points. For example, a track must not stop in the middle of a sentence.

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