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Why hasn't my money been transferred to my bank account yet?
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If you have initiated the transfer of your earnings to your bank account but the money did not get there, there is probably a reason for it. These are the most common:

– You have not initiated the withdrawal yet. Your earnings will remain in your recordJet account until you request a withdrawal in “My Account.”

– You have requested the money, but not yet confirmed the payout. You will receive a message for this by email. Open this message and confirm the payout.

– Your account data is shown as incomplete in our system, therefore your payout could not be initiated yet. You should have received an email with information about this.

– You have requested a larger amount for withdrawal than available in your recordJet account. As a rule, the amount requestable for withdrawal cannot exceed the current balance of your earnings in your recordJet account. Please make sure you consider possible fees (e.g. transaction fees depending of the type of transaction) as you request a withdrawal of your earnings.

– You have requested money transfer to a country which does not have PayPal service. PayPal will only perform transfers to specific countries. Please check this list to find out if your country has PayPal service.

– All data is correct but it still does not work? Sometimes emails get lost, sometimes there are errors on PayPal, sometimes data transmissions do not work. If you think something has not worked out correctly, please contact our support team and we will help you as best as we can.

– You did not confirm your email address. If this is the case, we cannot perform money transfers.

– You have had open charges on recordJet. On recordJet there are not many fees, but still there are some. If there are fees due to be paid, you will see an alert on your “My Account” page. If this is the case, recordJet will deduct these fees from your earnings. If your earnings are very low, there might be nothing left after deducting the respective fees. Please make sure you pay any due fees as soon as possible in order to avoid this from happening.

– We could not reach you. If we could not establish any contact with you (not even via a confirmed email address) and you did not specify any other means of contact, we will not be able to transfer your earnings or communicate with you. If this is the case, please contact our support team.

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