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What should I bear in mind with a cover version/editing or a remix?
What should I bear in mind with a cover version/editing or a remix?
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Yes, you can release cover versions, remixes and remasterings via recordJet.

Nevertheless you should consult an attorney to find out whether or not you need special permissions either from the author or from a collecting society, and how best (and in a legal manner) to proceed in your special situation. This is for your own protection and can help avoid a lawsuit. Please send the appropriate documents to our support team.

In the case of remixes and cover versions you should indicate who is the author and the composer of the track. As soon as all formalities have been taken care of, you can release the title. The name of the mix (e.g. Skrillex Remix) should be indicated in the field “Title Version” (Step 3).

The album title must not imply that the music is performed by the original artist or from the original album. Genre names, song lyrics or names of original artists cannot be used as album or track titles.


Artist Name: Hey, I Just Met You

Albumtitel: Here’s My Number

Tracktitel: So Call Me Maybe

The cover art must not be misleading (for example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album).

Important: Tributes (soundalikes), karaoke and Public Domain Content cannot be distributed via recordJet.

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