For how long your music is available in the stores is completely up to you - it’s possible at any time to remove your publication from stores. In case you’d like to delete a release, please go to "My Music", select the release that should be removed and click on "Delete".

Deletion requests are usually processed within 1-2 business days. Corresponding stores typically delete the content within 14 days - however this can in some cases take longer. Deletion from stores is free.

Attention: We can delete entire releases from stores, but not individual songs from albums. If you want only selected tracks to be available in certain stores, you need to split them into separate releases and re-upload. Please keep in mind that the new uploads will still reflect normal prices.

Important: If we don’t receive a deletion request one month before the end of a contractual period, we’ll charge our customers who have opted for the Business Class Premium model an annual renewal fee for the corresponding release which applies to 12 months after the first upload to stores. All digital distribution fees are non-refundable, which also applies to unused partial amounts. The administration and storage fees for Business Class Premium are 9 EUR/ year, per single, 19 EUR/ year per single, 19 EUR/ year per EP and 29 EUR/ year per album. 

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