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How much does it cost to distribute my music?
How much does it cost to distribute my music?
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You can find our price models here

There are two deal options in our Business Class

One-time setup fee: Single 19 €, EP 29 €, Album 39 €
You receive 90% of the revenue

Annual fee: Single 9 € / year, EP 19 € / year, Album 29 € / year
You receive 100% of the revenue

The annual fee is automatically deducted from your recordJet balance. This happens annually on the day the release was paid for the first time.

You have booked Premium but would like to switch to Basic? Not a problem: Just change your deal!

Find more information about our First Class here.

By the way: Changes and updates to the release, such as replacing the audio file or adding a composer, are free of charge!

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