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How can I move my releases from Spinnup to you?
How can I move my releases from Spinnup to you?
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We are working together with Spinnup to move customers from Spinnup to recordJet as smoothly as possible. Especially for this we have written this FAQ article for you and of course we are always there for you personally.

Your clicks, followers and artist pages will not be affected by the transfer as long as you follow these steps:

1. Check out this helpful article from Spinnup. It explains how to get the label copy of your release with all necessary codes (GTIN/UPC, ISRCs) and what you have to consider for the takedown of your releases.

Important: The metadata and codes have to be taken over correctly when uploading again, so that you keep your plays and followers. Please enter your correct artist IDs from iTunes and Spotify when creating your release so that it ends up on the correct artist pages.

If you don't have an account with recordJet yet, register here for free.

3. Create your release on recordJet. We have also written a FAQ article explaining the complete process.

4. In order to guarantee a seamless transfer, the release can only be in the stores simultaneously for a short amount of time. Make sure that the takedown at Spinnup happens as soon as the release is online at the stores via recordJet and the streaming numbers have been transferred correctly.

Please note: After a transfer it may take up to one week until the plays will be displayed correctly in the stores.
YouTube Music plays will not be transferred.

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