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How do I upload my music?
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To get started, you'll need a free account with recordJet. Simply register at or - if you are already a registered recordJet passenger - log into your account by clicking on "Check-in". Now you're ready to go!

After checking in, click on “+ Create Release” in the menu on the left. Next, you can choose your desired pricing model for the release of your single, EP or album. Don't worry, you can change the deal at any time after you have completed the release.

If you want to transfer your music from another distributor to us, importing via iTunes facilitates the upload. Find all relevant information here.

In the following sections you can enter all the relevant information of your release.

Basic information

Here you can fill in all information concerning the entire release (= album level). For a one-track release, the information you enter here must match the information in the track list (= track level).

Please mind the guidelines regarding cover art. In this step it is also important to plan enough lead time until your release date.


In the “Tracklist” section you can upload your music and enter the track data. By clicking the button “Add Track” you can set the number of tracks. "WAV Upload" allows you to select WAV files from your hard drive for upload. By clicking the button “Edit” on the left you can enter track data like title, artist, feature, ISRC (if already existing), etc. In order to change the order of your tracks please use the arrow-cross on the left to rearrange them as you wish.

Please pay attention to the guidelines regarding the spelling of titles and compression of your sound files.

Stores & Countries

In this section, you can select the stores and countries in which your music should be available in. A short description of the respective store package appears when you hover your mouse over the name of the store.


Here you will see the fee that is due for the release. Please select one of the payment methods shown to proceed to the last step.


To complete the publishing process, you must agree to our terms and conditions and click on the button "Publish now". The relevant information (e.g. release date and price model) will be summarized once again in this step.

After you have completed all steps, your release is being inspected by our quality check. If everything is in order, the release will be delivered to the digital stores within a few working days - ready for take-off!

If problems arise, you will receive an email from our quality check team and get the chance to correct your release accordingly. Please note that you have to close the release again ("Publish now") so that we can deliver it to the stores.

Good to know: Your uploads and all the data you entered will be saved, so you can pause and continue the upload and editing process any time. Simply click on "My Music" and open the "Incomplete" tab to finish your planned release. You can also make changes to your release at any time, even if your release has already been delivered to the stores. Please note, however, that you must always close your release again after each change ("Publish now"). You can find more information here.

If you have any questions about the individual steps or entries in the release, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or contact us via the messenger at the bottom right.

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