Cover artwork must be square with a resolution of at least 1500 x 1500 pixels in RGB as a JPG.

The cover text must also be legible in a small format and not pixelated. The stores have the right to refuse covers at any time or to request alternate designs.

The following rules apply to all cover designs:

  • The cover must match the entered metadata.

  • You must have all the rights to the image and permission to use the faces of all persons appearing on the cover.

  • Don’t use generic art templates.

  • It is prohibited to show illegal, obscene or pornographic content or URLs for websites containing or linking to pornographic material.

  • The image must not be out of focus, pixelated, unsuitable, poorly aligned, rotated or incorrect.

  • Graphics may not contain website addresses or references to stores.

  • The term "exclusive" is prohibited.

  • Graphics may not contain references to physical packaging (e.g. CD or cassette) or other retailers.

  • Graphics may not contain references to being a digital product.

  • Graphics may not contain references to prices, such as "Reduced Price", "Low Price", "Available for $9.99" or "For advertising purposes".

  • Graphics may not contain upselling for other products.

  • Graphics should not be misleading (e.g. by highlighting or referring to an artist that is not involved in the album).

recordJet and its partners reserve the right to reject cover artwork at any time for any reason.

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