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What content may not be delivered to TikTok?
What content may not be delivered to TikTok?
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Content for which you don't own the exklusive rights can't be distributed to TikTok.

This includes:

  • Public domain content (content in the public domain) - or audio files that contain content in the public domain

  • Content that contains very general and common sounds. For example: audience applause, Soundscapes, nature sounds, white noise, or simple drum loops/drum loops

  • Content that contains non-exclusive beats or sounds. For example, songs that contain drum loops or samples that are included in sample packs

  • Content that you have licensed from another party on a non-exclusive basis

  • For example, content licensed for soundtracks or compilations, or which you have licensed from a public music catalog

  • "Soundalikes" or karaoke versions of songs

  • Classical music from the public domain (e.g. re-enacted pieces by well-known artists such as Mozart, etc.)

  • Live versions of songs that sound very similar to the recorded version of the same song

  • Derivative versions of recordings owned by other parties. For example, remixes of songs for which you do not own the original version

  • Rerecorded masters, remastered tracks, or remixed tracks of songs for which you do not own the original recording

  • Any audio recordings for which you do not have the right to claim UGC (User generated content) videos that use 100% of the audio provided

Please note the prohibited contents before selecting TikTok as your store. If you still deliver any of the said content to TikTok, TikTok may ban you as a user.

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