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What are YouTube shorts and how do I create them?
What are YouTube shorts and how do I create them?
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In order to keep your YouTube channel busy between your main music video releases, the YouTube Shorts short video tool is fantastic.

The target audience for the short video format is just like YouTube: Everyone. All users have the opportunity to create and publish content. Just like Instagram or Facebook stories and TikTok videos, the shorts can be created quickly and also consumed quickly. The preferred device for shorts is definitely the smartphone, because these videos can only be recorded and uploaded in 9:16 or 1:1 portrait format.

How do I create a Youtube Short?

1) Tap the create icon (+) in the center of your YouTube mobile app home page (a recent version of the app is important).

2) In the submenu, select "create a short video" - this will take you to the shorts camera.

3) Done! Now you can start implementing your idea. Another option is to upload an existing video. This option is also shown to you here.

4) Upload: Now all that's left is the final step: uploading. It is recommended to add all relevant metadata, including #Shorts in the title or description - this way you have better chances that your shorts will be recommended on YouTube.

In what country can I use YouTube Shorts?

In the past few months, the feature has already been available in 26 countries, including the US and Switzerland. As of mid-July, we can look forward to access to the function in additional countries, including Germany and Austria. In times of short videos, this function could be the latest social media hype in the starting blocks.

What creative possibilities does the format offer?

As you might have guessed, YouTube Shorts is not just a video recording option. As with TikTok and the like, you can use other tools to creatively polish your content. Among other things, you can:

Add an audio: With the "Audio Picker" you can select and adjust the sound for your video.

Edit the video material: In the function you are offered various options to edit your video. For example, you can add text, change the speed or set timers.

Reinvent sounds: You can use audio samples from your favorite YouTube video, add them to your short and even remix them.

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