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Can I use samples in my tracks?
Can I use samples in my tracks?
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Sampling is the use of an already finished sound or music recording. Individual tones or noises can also be musically sampled and thus used in your own songs.

Samples must always be clarified with the rights holder. How complicated this is always depends on who the rights holder is. You would have to act at your own risk here, as we cannot make any legal statements. However, by confirming our Terms and Conditions, you guarantee that you own all the necessary rights to your releases published through us:

"6.1 The Rights Holder warrants to recordJet that the Rights Holder is authorized and able to enter into and perform this contract is the unlimited proprietor, with sole power of disposition, of all rights to the Recordings that are the subject matter of the agreement.

6.2 The Rights Holder warrants that the Recordings and Accompanying Materials do not infringe any rights of third parties."

We recommend that you consult a lawyer to find out whether or not you need permission from the copyright holder. This way you can be sure that you will not be sued. As soon as you have clarified all formalities, you can start publishing.

A free downloadable and very informative book on copyright is available from the Federal Agency for Civic Education.


Even if you have purchased the license for a beat, it is possible that this beat contains samples whose use has not been approved by the rights holder. Most common licenses contain a clause stating that the licensee is responsible for clearing any samples used.

Therefore, when purchasing beats, always check whether you notice a known sample and, if in doubt, consult the respective producer again, otherwise we may not be allowed to deliver your release, even if you have purchased a license.

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