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My release ended up on the wrong artist page!
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Sometimes it happens that the stores will attribute your release to an incorrect artist page. This is usually due to similar or identical artist names. If you already have your own Artist Page on which you want your release to appear, please fill out this form:

I want my release to be added to my existing Artist Page.

If your release was attributed to a different artist and you need your own new Artist Page, please fill out this form:

My release was attributed to the wrong Artist Page and I don’t have my own Artist Page yet.

If you want to remove a third-party release from your Artist Page, you can do it yourself on Spotify in just a few steps. For this, however, your Artist Page must already be verified.

Just click on https://artists.spotify.com/c/content-mismatch and select "Another artist's music is on my profile" - there you will find a field where you can simply paste the links of the wrong releases you want to remove.

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