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How do I get my artist biography into the stores?
How do I get my artist biography into the stores?
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Some stores, like iTunes, Spotify and Shazam (mainly English language/international platforms), pull content such as artist biographies from
This is a catalog of professionally written music biographies operated by Tivo. These biographies are then supplied to the stores. This process guarantees consistently high-quality texts, because all the writers are professionals. 

To get your own biography on allmusic and into the stores, the process is as follows:

  • Send your music to Tivo. You can do this digitally via email or physically by sending your CD in the post. In addition, Rovi requires your self-written bio in English, which their professional writers will use to make new content. The Product Submissions page on will show you where to send your info.

  • Once Tivo has received and scanned your information and added it to their databases, it can take several months for you to be listed on the website. From there, the content gets sent to the stores. More info on this process can be found on the Product Submissions page on

IMPORTANT: Due to high demand for this service, Tivo prioritizes submissions. Artists that are currently very popular or that play an important historical or artistic role have the highest priority. It may take some time for you or your band to be listed. Please be patient.

The Tivo service is free!

Of the stores we distribute to, Spotify, iTunes and Shazam currently source their written content from

More information can be found at

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