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Streaming fraud
Streaming fraud
Will stores detect streaming fraud?
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Are your tracks played in continuous loop over several days?

Or have you bought plays through various providers?

If the stores notice irregularities or unusual activities, and if certain thresholds are exceeded (e.g. an unusually high number of streams of a release by a low number of users), it can happen that the release is marked as "fraudulent" and deleted from the platforms.

This means that the stores notice unnaturally generated streams - e.g. streams generated by bots or played in a continuous loop. Furthermore, stores like Spotify do not pay out artificial streams! This also explains why you may see more streams in the trends than you ultimately get paid out.

From this point on, we as a distributor also have no possibility to claim the payouts of the Artificial Streams from Spotify.

The streaming platforms monitor the streaming activity of all published releases with regard to several factors:

– Number of streams the album received in the past week;

– Number of users who stream the album;

– Total number of streams / Total number of users who stream the track;

– Number of tracks on the album;

– Number of “short” tracks on the album ( < 60 seconds);

– Number of “short” streams on the album ( < 60 seconds);

– Territorial activity.

It's best to always check in advance exactly on which playlists you place your releases, and also check again your marketing & streaming activities with regard to the above-mentioned points very carefully.

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