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How much money do I get per stream on Spotify?
How much money do I get per stream on Spotify?
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Spotify generally uses the "pro rata model" for the distribution of revenues. This means that artists are not paid according to the actual plays/streams achieved, but according to their share of all streams worldwide. There are also different "distribution categories" - depending on the month, country of origin of the stream and type of customer account (subscription vs. freemium).

  • Subscription type
    Spotify generates revenue from subscription fees but also from advertising revenue. A stream generated via a freemium subscription, for example, is worth less than a stream generated via a family subscription. Streams on a premium account, on the other hand, generate more revenue per click. Streams generated via a Spotify test account are not remunerated initially and then gradually until the end of the test phase.

  • Country
    A Spotify subscription does not cost the same in every country. In England, for example, a Spotify subscription is more expensive than in Germany. This means that there are also corresponding differences in the payment per play, depending on the country.

  • Minimum number of streams
    Only songs that have achieved at least 1000 streams from at least 50 different Spotify accounts in the last 12 months are taken into account. If a track has been streamed less than 1000 times and/or from less than 50 different Spotify accounts in a running period of 12 months, these streams will not be remunerated.

  • Content
    "Functional content" - for example, songs that only consist of natural sounds, white noise or similar - are only remunerated if they have a minimum duration of 2 minutes. These streams are also worth significantly less than music streams.

  • Spotify Discovery Mode

    When your song is played via Spotify Discovery Mode, Spotify keeps 30% of the revenue.

Unfortunately, it is therefore impossible to say exactly how much Spotify pays out per stream, as not every stream is worth the same.

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