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Why haven't I received my payout yet?
Why haven't I received my payout yet?
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If you have requested a payment of your earnings but it has not taken place, there is usually a reason for this. These are the most common reasons:

» You have not requested the money yet.

Your earnings will remain on your recordJet account until you request it under "My account".

» You have requested the money but not yet confirmed the payout.

You will receive an email with a payout link that you need to confirm. Please check your inbox and your spam folder if necessary. Please note that you can only confirm the withdrawal via your computer/laptop and that you must be logged in to your recordJet account in your browser beforehand. If this is the case, but it still does not work, please try another browser. Alternatively, you could right-click the link and open it in a separate tab or forward the email to another email address. If the suggestions do not work, please send us the name of your email client and a screen video of your attempt to our support.

» Your account data is displayed as incomplete in our system,

In this case, your payout could not be initiated yet. You should have received an email with information on how to proceed.

» Your transfer information is incorrect.

Please make sure that all the information you provided for the purpose of the payout is correct (e.g. email address, IBAN, BIC, etc.).

» You have requested a payout of a larger amount than is available in your recordJet account.

In general, you can only withdraw the maximum amount that has been credited to your recordJet account through the sales of your music. Please also ensure that you include any applicable fees (e.g. transaction fees depending on the type of transaction) in your withdrawal request.

» You have requested a transfer to a country that does not have PayPal service.

PayPal only transfers funds to certain countries. You can see the full list here.

» All the details are correct, but it still doesn't work?

Sometimes emails don't arrive, sometimes there are errors with PayPal, sometimes data transfers don't work properly. If you suspect that something is not working correctly, contact our support.

» You have open charges with recordJet.

There are not many fees at recordJet, but they do exist. If you have outstanding charges, you will see the information on your "My Account" page. If this is the case, recordJet will deduct the outstanding fees from your income. If your income was very low, this may mean that there is nothing left after deducting the fees. Please pay all fees as soon as possible to avoid this.

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