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Target price / Song price
Target price / Song price
What do I need to be aware of when entering track prices?
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In general, a maximum track price of 1.29€ and a maximum total price of 15.99€ is possible. In the stores, the rule of thumb also applies: The price of the total release may not be higher than the price of all tracks together.

One exception applies to the ‘One Track Releases’: For a single (only one title), the track price and target price must be the same. 

Please keep in mind that your earnings will differ from the chosen retail price. More information on this can be found here.

Do you have a track in your release that goes over 10min?

Here you could also select the 'Bundle Only' function - with this you can set the album price as high as you want and the tracks are only available for purchase at this price.

If you select the Bundle Only option, the track price is only a formality.

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