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When will I receive my earnings?
When will I receive my earnings?
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How long it takes until we receive credits for streams/downloads always depends on the store. While some stores pay out very regularly and quickly, the speed of other stores varies greatly. Here's a non-binding overview of when we receive credits after a stream/download is completed, based on our experience:

Apple Music/iTunes: 1 month

Amazon Music: 1 month

Spotify: 2-3 months

Deezer: 3 months

YouTube: 1-2 months

Facebook/Instagram: 2 months

TikTok: 2 months

Tidal: 3-6 months

Anghami: 2 months (in rare cases also 3-4 months)

Beatport: 3-4 months

Electric Jukebox: 3 months

KKBox: 4 months

NetEase Cloud Music: at least 2 months

Resso: 4-5 months

Soundtrack Your Brand: 2 months

Tencent: 2-4 months

Yandex: 2 months

Napster: irregularly

IMPORTANT: As soon as we receive the credits, we will check them and transfer them to your account on the 1st of the following month.

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