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Can I share my earnings with other artists?
Can I share my earnings with other artists?
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Unfortunately, we do not (yet) offer royalty splits. This means that the future revenues will be received in full by the account through which the release was created and delivered. However, you can use the reports to filter by release / track / artist - so you can calculate the revenue per song and then split it proportionally.

Please note, the credit notes land in the account after deduction of the store share (this also includes the GEMA share). So it concerns only the direct income of the downloads/streams and not possible GEMA payments. If the participants have been declared correctly, these amounts will be calculated and paid out directly by GEMA, so everyone can claim the GEMA income separately at GEMA, if you are registered there accordingly.

Attention: we plan to offer royalty splits in the future and will inform our users as soon as there is news.

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